Fungus Gnats

hese are the small flies that don’t bite the human being. The fungus gnats cannot cause to any human infection or disease. They only creates frustration for you, when they were attacked your household plants. They looks like a mosquitoes and small in size of 2 ½ millimeters long. Their color is grayish to black flies with… Continue reading Fungus Gnats

Buffalo Gnats

When the weather starts to get charming, some unwelcome guests come to your house and cause to illness. Buffalo gnats are the little flies that miserable your life.  They can create problems for human, pets and other livestock especially in the summer.  They can kill the dozen chickens or other animals in one week. These gnats are… Continue reading Buffalo Gnats

Biting Gnats

The gnats that bite are called the “biting gnats”. They are also known as “no-see-ums” or “biting midges”. Their painful bite takes longer time than a mosquito bite for healing. They are tiny as compared to other biting bugs. They can be the cause of biting the humans, livestock, pets, and wildlife. Their blood-sucking nature can raise… Continue reading Biting Gnats